Saturday, 18 August 2018

Buttermilk from Scratch - Awesome Tip! | Club Foody

How many times is there a recipe that asks for an item that we don’t really use too often. With the price of food, if you are like me, you don’t like to waste any. This is how I create recipes by salvaging what is left in my refrigerator. There’s a food item that I never bought because my grandmother was making her own and it is buttermilk.

Unless you might need a lot for the next few days, buttermilk is not really a food item that we use on a regular basis like milk. Besides when it is called for in certain recipes, there’s no other reason to have buttermilk around let alone buying it. Of course they don’t make it in a pint sized container. We are forced to buy it a liter at a time. So here’s a quick and easy way to make your own at home at a fraction of the cost…

How to make homemade Buttermilk from Scratch…

  • 1 cup milk

  • 2 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice

or white vinegar

Pour in the lemon juice or white vinegar in a glass-measuring cup and add enough milk to make 1 cup total liquid. Stir well to combine and let stand for 10 minutes so the mixture begins to curdle.

Use as needed in a recipe or cover and refrigerate until needed. If you need less, adjust the measurements accordingly. Now you’re not only saving money but there is also no more waste when it comes to buttermilk!

Just a quick note… I personally prefer using fresh squeezed lemon juice over white vinegar but either one will works well.

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce Recipe - Delicious, Quick & Easy! | Club Foody

I enjoy cooking and I think I’m pretty good at it. From starting out as being a necessity, it has become my passion. Let me explain…

When I just moved out on my own from my parents’ place, I was far from being a great cook. I was panicking in the kitchen and more often than not, I screwed up recipes. When I started doing my “mise en place”, stopped treating my kitchen like a lab for chemical experiments, my cooking got better.

What saved me many times through the transition of being bad to okay were the sauces. Making them was very easy for me and they helped rescue my dishes. With years of practice, I finally got a lot better but if it weren’t for the sauces, I might have given up in the kitchen; I doubt it but let’s assume…

There was a sauce I wasn’t familiar with until I had my first chicken finger meal. My first impression was “Yum!” I was so impressed with the flavor that I made my first attempt a couple of days later. I’m talking about my Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce! Boy this sauce is awesome! Tangy with a slight touch of sweetness, this condiment is quite delicious!

Next week I’ll be posting my Oven Baked Chicken Fingers. Of course Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is a natural for this dish but there are also other recipes and dishes you can use this condiment in. I use it in one of my pasta recipes as well as with pork and fish. Another way to enjoy it is with pretzels… very nice!

Within 10 minutes you can have this lovely Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce ready. The taste is just awesome! It’s also versatile so there’s no excuse for not making it at home.
Bon Appétit!

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Pork Tenderloin Vitali Recipe - Elegant and Delicious! | Club Foody

During my life I’ve been lucky to travel often, have exciting careers and fascinating experiences. I’ve also been fortunate in meeting interesting, well-known and famous people. Among them is Steven Vitali…

This gentleman is very talented but also genuine and kind. He is charming and passionate… a true artist! The type of person that you are proud to have as a friend! In his honor, I’ve created a special recipe… my Pork Tenderloin Vitali!

Before going on with the recipe, let’s learn more about Steven…

Steven Vitali Born on June 21st 1964, this charismatic man grew up in Toronto, Canada. With his French and Italian background, Steven developed a passion for art. Music and acting became his world. An incredible composer, arranger and multidimensional instrumentalist, he quickly gained a worldwide reputation.

Arriving in Hollywood, he gained serious attention not only as a film score composer/instrumental artist but also as an Actor, Director and Film Producer. He recently wrote and directed an incredible, soon to be released, documentary film called “The Jewels of the Salton Sea”.

With an eye for beauty, an ear for incredible musical arrangements and a big heart for the environment, his talent doesn’t stop there. Steven also owns several lifestyle magazines in both Canada and the United States.

There is so much to say about Steven Vitali, his passion for life and his witty personality. To see his full bio please visit IMDb by clicking on this link… Steven Vitali’s Biography

This Pork Tenderloin Vitali recipe is what I call “elegant and sophisticated”… just like Steven! I use an ingredient that makes this dish unique… my Spicy Red Pepper Jelly which will be posted next month on September 4th. It gives just the right amount of spiciness without overpowering the delicate taste of the pork.

Wanting to add some smoky flavor without being salty, I added some smoked paprika and then some beautiful prosciutto. I also chose to use Fontina cheese for its incredible flavor! This Italian cheese has a lovely nutty and earthy flavor which was just the right ingredient to add to this pork recipe.

Steven inspired me with his persona and all his accomplishments. I wanted a dish that truly represents him with elegance, depth and sophistication with layers of flavor that are symbolic of his many talents…

When hosting a dinner party at home, we want every aspect to be perfect. I highly suggest you play some of Steven Vitali’s music while serving this scrumptious meal and you’ll have an unforgettable dining experience with your guests…
Bon Appétit!

Note: Forever Germaine was played in the background of this video recipe…..Thank you Steven for letting me use your lovely music.

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Homemade Vol-au-Vent Recipe - Airy, Light and Fluffy Puff Pastry! | Club Foody

I’ve always enjoyed pastries ever since I was a little girl. What’s not to like?

When it came to desserts, Chocolate Éclairs, Mille Feuille and Profiteroles were my favorites! Things haven’t changed much as they are still my top choices. The only difference is I make sure to only make them when I have company coming over otherwise I could eat them all on my own… I know, it’s terrible, lol!

There is another pastry that has also been my favorite but this one can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. It is Vol-au-vent! If you are not familiar with it, let me describe it for you…

Vol-au-vent is a small hollow shell made with puff pastry. It is made up of two circles and one of them has another smaller circle in the center that is stacked on top of the other one. By cutting a smaller circle in it, it allows you to remove it after it’s done baking, stuff the hollow pastry with cooked ingredients & sauce, and then place that little circle back on top.

When using it in a savory recipe, this pastry is usually served as an appetizer and is filled with chicken such as in “Chicken à la King” or with fish and/or seafood. I’ve served it many times as a main course with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It’s delicious and filling!

Interestingly enough though, it’s mostly served as a savory dish and I really don’t understand why it’s not used very often for sweet dishes. I have an incredible dessert recipe where I use vol-au-vent as my food vessels for my fruit custard which will be posted next year so stay tuned!

Although the shape is usually round, nothing is stopping you from making them octagonal, square or rectangular… have fun with your French pastry! Now if you want to use the same sizes as mine in the video, here are my cookie cutters dimensions; green cookie cutter is 3 1/16-inch or 78mm and the little white one is 1 7/8-inch or 48mm. You can find these kitchen tools by clicking on this link… Shop Section

Until a few years ago, I’d never made vol-au-vent before as I was buying them from my supermarket until they stopped carrying them. I was forced to find a way to recreate this pastry and this was the easiest way I could come up with. They don’t look perfect – honestly I’m fine with that – but they sure taste amazing…

Next time you need an airy, fluffy and buttery food vessel for your recipe, try this easy vol-au-vent. You’ll see just how fun and delicious they are… This coming December, I’ll be posting my Turkey à la King on Toast but you can easily use vol-au-vent instead of toast…
Bon Appétit!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Creole Shrimp & Andouille Skewers Recipe | Club Foody

Skewers are always trendy during BBQ season!

There’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to cooking, summer is all about barbecuing. You have such a wide variety of recipes you can make on the “barbie”… from savory to sweet. Also who wants to cook inside when the temperature goes way up?

When it comes to barbecued food, I like them all. Something about grilling on open flames that makes it taste better. As the food starts cooking on the BBQ, just the smell alone triggers my appetite. Also the char on the food gives another level of flavor… I love BBQ season!

I have many grilled recipes that I’ve created over the years and most of them during the winter with the anticipation of my favorite time of the year coming up.

I don’t like to complicate recipes especially during summer time. It’s too hot outside, plus I want to enjoy myself being outdoors not indoors and quick & easy recipes are always welcome. Having said that, in this episode I’m sharing with you another awesome BBQ recipe that my family and friends love when I make it!

Creole Shrimp & Andouille Skewers! This is “the recipe” you simply have to make this summer! It is packed with flavorful ingredients plus it takes only 30 minutes from start to finish… you have to love that!

There are two ingredients that I already posted that I utilize in this recipe; my Creole Seasoning Mix and my Homemade Andouille Sausage. The spiciness from the creole blend along with the smokiness (and spiciness as well) from the sausage, gives this dish a real Creole flair.

Incredibly delicious, easy and extremely quick to prep, this is unquestionably a recipe you just have to add to your grilling list. You’ll see how much your guests will rave about this Creole Shrimp & Andouille Skewers recipe at your next backyard party! Happy BBQ season and…
Bon Appétit!

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Best Greek Salad Recipe - A Healthy Summer Favorite! - Club Foody

Homemade salad… the best healthy choice! –

I can go on and on about how good salad is for you and your body but I won’t. You already know what is good for you as well as what’s not. Eating a little salad with each meal will definitely help your body function better. It helps digestion, it’s a good source of fiber, it has antioxidants and… HEY, I thought I won’t go on about it… Enough said!

What I like about summer is growing my own herbs, fruits and vegetables. I like to nurture them and watch them grow until it’s time to harvest. David grew up on a farm and lucky me, my father loved gardening so here’s another thing we have in common and like to share as a couple. We have a wide selection of fresh herbs like oregano, chives, rosemary, sage, basil, cilantro, etc. as well as fresh produce such as cherry tomatoes, peppers, few different kinds of lettuce, and so on…

Cooking with fresh ingredients makes a big difference and dishes taste much more.  With all that yumminess right outside my patio door, you understand why making a fresh salad every day is quite appealing. One salad that I just love to serve along with a grilled protein is my Greek Salad! It’s a beautiful combination of fresh produce along with fresh herbs topped with feta cheese and a light, zippy dressing… well mine is anyway! The taste of it is so “fresh” and “summery”.

If I would describe how summer should feel in my mouth, Greek Salad is the answer! It is an easy recipe that you should make quite often as everyone will definitely love. So next time you want to serve a salad without the lettuce but yet still want something extremely healthy and yummy, have a Greek Salad!
Bon Appétit!

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Louisiana-style Rémoulade Sauce Recipe | Club Foody

I love sauces and I have a huge respect for them because when I started cooking after moving out from my parents’ house, they saved my dishes many times. With lack of experience, I often over cooked things but with the added sauce, it somehow made it taste better…

As you probably know, France has quite a reputation when it comes to sauce. Besides the 5 Mother Sauces, there’s a long list of well-known condiments that originated in France. One of them is Rémoulade.

This sauce is mayonnaise or aïoli- based usually with pickles and curry as well as paprika, horseradish, capers, and other ingredients. When it was created, it was apparently made to accompany some meat dishes, nowadays rémoulade sauce also pairs well with fried fish and seafood such as crab cakes and po boy sandwiches as well as fried green tomatoes, artichokes, and hard boiled eggs.

Although this sauce came from France, it is also popular in many other countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, and of course the United States. By the time it got to Louisiana, it had a delicious twist to it and became a Creole cuisine staple.

What differs from the French and the Creole versions are the ingredients. The original version is more yellowish, the Louisiana version is reddish due the added paprika and/or ketchup. Also the Americanized version is slightly more “zippy” than the original sauce.

My version of rémoulade sauce includes my Creole Seasoning Mix along with my Homemade Mayonnaise as well as my Homemade Horseradish. I also use both, paprika and ketchup… why not? I also throw in a few dashes of hot sauce so my rémoulade is definitely not only “reddish” looking but has a nice zip to it!

Next time you want to make crab cakes or other famous Louisiana dishes, you cannot disregard this fabulous condiment. It’s like having a hot dog without the bun… exactly! This Rémoulade Sauce is quick and easy to make, smooth and very tasty… simply the perfect addition to your recipe folder…
Bon Appétit!

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Monte Cristo Sandwich - Ham, Turkey & Cheese Delight! | Club Foody

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

That is what happens often during the summer time! When the temperature rises and the humidity starts to kick in, some days are just unbearable… too hot to do anything. As a home cook, when those days are around, sorry to say but I just DON’T COOK and if I do, it has to be super quick!

If you have been following me for a while now, you heard about my BBQ season being the 5th season of the year. I love grilled food but like anything else, I can’t eat BBQ every day. So what do I eat when it’s terribly hot outside… salads or sandwiches! That’s right…

I believe that sandwiches shouldn’t be underrated because some of them are packed with flavor. The one I’m featuring today is my Monte Cristo Sandwich and trust me, it’s very tasty…

With black forest ham, smoked turkey and Gruyère cheese along with other ingredients, this is a sandwich you’ll want to try when you don’t have much energy to cook. In 20 minutes from start to finish, you can enjoy a delicious meal…

As simple as this sandwich is, it is quite tasty… the perfect recipe for those hot summer days. It is also quite filling and satisfying. If you are looking for a yummy meal, quick & easy without too much effort, this is it! Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s way too “hot” to work…
Bon Appétit!

If you want to make your own homemade mayonnaise, just click on this link… Homemade Mayonnaise

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Texas Caviar Recipe - Flavorful, Colorful and Healthy Summer Dip! Club Foody

Anything about summer is fun! There are outdoor activities, vacations, touring, days at the beach or by the pool, gardening, picnics, BBQs, backyard parties and so on. The food as well is fun and colorful. The meals are lighter and more casual. It seems that we tend to eat more finger food, tapas, snacky food and appetizers.

A dish that is served more often during the summer time than any other time during the year is dips. They are easy and quick to prepare as well as fun to eat. They can be served with tortilla chips, bread, crackers and crudités but they can also be a side dish or a topping for your proteins.

I love dips and I do have many recipes so I can do a rotation of them during the summer. There’s one that I really enjoy for diverse reasons and it is my Texas Caviar! This dip is always a hit when I serve it to my guests. It is colorful, flavorful and so healthy.

Summer is all about using fresh produce and this Texas Caviar has plenty of them; orange and red bell peppers along with poblanos and jalapeños. I also add tomatoes for added color and some acidity and legumes which are so good for us and are packed with fiber.

As most of you should know by now, I don’t like using dressings from the store therefore I make my own. My lime dressing has a beautiful combination of oil, acidity, and spices… it tastes fresh!

With all the gatherings we have during the summer time, this Texas Caviar dip is a fabulous choice for you to make. Looking at it, it has a beautiful rainbow of colors and when tasting it, it’s fresh, delicious and incredibly healthy! Packed with vitamins, and nutrients, this is a dish that you’ll enjoy serving this summer.
Bon Appétit!

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Extend the Shelf Life of Parsley & Cilantro - Tips & Tricks | Club Foody

I love cooking with fresh herbs as they make recipes so much better. If you are a foody, I’m sure you enjoy using them as well. During the summer, David and I always grow herbs on our patio… it’s a must have! I always have oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, chives, mint, sage, parsley , cilantro, and more…

When it comes to parsley and cilantro, harvesting the amount you need for a recipe is one thing but when buying a big bunch from the supermarket, it’s another situation. Unless you’ll be using the herbs up quickly, the chance of throwing some in the garbage can be pretty high.

Here I have a simple, quick and easy trick that will help you Extend the Shelf Life of Parsley & Cilantro. I tried placing the bunch of herbs in water in the past and besides taking up a lot of space on my refrigerator shelf, it didn’t work as well as this little trick.

As much as this trick works very well, you have to keep in mind that moisture is what keeps the herbs fresh longer which means you’ll have to keep an eye on the paper towel. If it gets dry, you’ll need to lightly wet it again. If it gets discolored (yellowish) or thorn, you’ll have to change the paper towel and wet it again.

I’ve been using my little trick for years now and this is how I can Extend the Shelf Life of Parsley & Cilantro longer in my refrigerator. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how well it works and how cost effective it is.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Classic Vichyssoise Recipe - Perfect Chilled Soup for Summer! | Club Foody

When it’s hot outside, eat some soup!

No really, I’m serious… I’m not trying to be a smarty pants! Soups are not always served hot. Some of them are made to be served cold like my Classic Vichyssoise!

Growing up, we were eating soup every week including the summer time but obviously not as often. I’m not a person who likes routine especially when it comes to food. I like to change things up all the time therefore eating soups every week got to me eventually to the point that I started to dislike them. When I moved out on my own, I didn’t attempt to make soup for years except when it came to “summer soups”.

By the end of my first year at University, I went with a friend originally from Madrid to her favorite restaurant and had my first “cold” soup there. It was a Spanish Gazpacho. This was probably the most flavorful soup I ever had. It was so tasty, refreshing and… cold! From that first experience, every time I was out that summer, this is what I was looking for on the menu… a cold soup!

I came across a Vichyssoise one day and it was another “wow” moment! By the end of that summer, I made my first attempt on replicating this soup and since then, it has been one of my summer favorites…

This is a lovely soup to have during the hot summer months but can be also enjoyed during the rest of the year as well… just heat it up! The way I like to serve mine is with a dollop of sour cream, sprinkled with some fresh bacon bits and some finely chopped chives on top. It brings the soup to another level with these added ingredients. It also freezes very well. If it gets a bit too thick, just add a ¼ cup of broth (chicken or vegetable) at the time until it reaches your desired consistency.

This refreshing Vichyssoise is sure to please everyone this summer. It is smooth with a nice light flavor of onions in the background but not too overpowering. This is the kind of soup that you’ll be pleased to add to your recipe list…
Bon Appétit!

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