Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Red Jalapeño Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Feta

I’m a cheese lover, so much in fact that my dear friend Richard from Toronto started to call me Minnie Mouse – that should tell you a lot. Since David and I are together, he just can’t believe how much cheese he has been eating since. What can I say…? I love cheese!

When living in the GTA, I used to do most of my grocery shopping at St. Lawrence Market (I love that place and miss it a lot). Anyway, when I moved here in British Columbia, I couldn’t find some of the “stuff” I used to buy often back East. When push comes to shove, I had to find solutions for many of my unsatisfied cravings.

One of them was Red Jalapeño Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese. This antipasto was absolutely delicious! Each time I was eating pasta or just a grilled chicken breast, I was eating those little guys along with my meal. As time went by without having them, I happened to come across some red jalapeño peppers and my first thought was to try making some just like the ones I used to buy back then.

On my first try, they were pretty good. I could’ve stopped right there but as my tastes have changed slightly during all these years (8 to be more specific), I wanted to add more flavor to them. Without being overwhelmed, I decided to mix a couple cheeses together, add spices to the recipe and see how it would turn out.

Now, I can seriously satisfy another of my cravings and make it even better. It is simple to make and absolutely delicious to serve along with whichever dish you feel like. When you have guests over, it is also nice to serve these along with a nice platter of cured meats, olives and artichoke hearts as an appetizer. They also keep well in the refrigerator - with just two of us and a dozen of these little guys, they don’t sit in the fridge more than 2 weeks. When they’re all gone, don’t throw the oil away…use it for cooking.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/red-jalapeno-peppers-stuffed-with-cream-cheese-feta/

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Quick & Easy Chicken Chop Suey

I don’t know why but sometimes there are things you enjoyed at some point in your life and for some reason, they disappeared. As insignificant as that can be, I remember using this brush when cleaning my face and it felt good because of the subtle friction… it was like a gentle massage. One day when leaving for Toronto, – that’s before I finally moved there officially – I forgot to pack it. Two weeks later when I returned home, somehow I never reused it. It is until a few years ago when looking through an old bag of make-up and cleansing that I saw what used to be “my favorite” facial cleaning accessory.

Same with food and recipes… How many times did we have a favorite appetizer or main course and all of a sudden, restaurants stop offering it and we just forget about it until someone mentions it or we come across it. As well as having a favorite dish that Mom made and it slowly faded away from the family kitchen…

A few months ago, one of my subscribers kindly asked me if I had a recipe for Chop Suey. “Oh My”, I thought! Yes of course I had one but for some illogical reason, I stopped making it. I liked it a lot as did everyone who enjoyed it at my home. So why did this recipe disappear from my menu rotation?

This Chinese American recipe with uncertain origins is a simple meal that falls into the “comfort food” category. It is that kind of dish that family members sit around the dinner table to enjoy food together. What’s nice about this delicious dish is it is quick to prep and the cooking time is about 15 minutes. Now that’ a recipe you want to keep for those challenging evenings when there’s little time to cook.

I’m not too sure if my “favorite brush” and this simple but yet flavorful recipe have any connection to the time they both vanished but for sure I’m happy that I brought my Chicken Chop Suey back to my Chinese recipe list. Now when it comes to my facial brush, I let it go and replaced it with a newer version of it called Clarisonic®. I guess even your favorites can be replaced at some point…
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/quick-easy-chicken-chop-suey/

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Silk & Satin Chocolate Pie

Chocolate has been around forever! Apparently chocolate originated in South America. The Aztecs and Mayas were making chocolate beverages known as xocolãtl which means “bitter water”. Of course, when it’s not fermented, the taste is quite bitter.

Chocolate is so popular worldwide and for good reason… Besides its scrumptious taste, chocolate (I’m talking dark here so we’re on the same page/blog) may prevent cancer, reduce stroke risk and heart disease with its pentamer, flavanols and polyphenols as well as protecting against inflammation. It also helps brain function, protects your skin, improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Now that’s a medicine I have no problem taking every day as long as the percentage of cocoa is high enough – something around 72% +. Don’t think the chocolate in candy bars is the answer… nope!

Once in a while I crave a chocolate dessert so the other day I couldn’t make up my mind about which dessert to make between Chocolate Satin pie and French Silk pie. What? C’mon I’m sure you had a chocolate pie before. What about French Silk pie? What’s the difference? Not a whole lot besides one is creamier (French Silk pie) and the other one is richer with its dark chocolate (Chocolate Satin pie). What I did was basically take the chocolate mousse recipe from my French Silk pie and combined it with my dark Chocolate Satin pie… et voilà! This is what happens when a woman is perimenopausing and can’t make up her mind! Besides my hormonal situation, the results were amazing. It was the best of both… pies! Not too creamy and not too custardy, just perfect!

I won’t blame this on my hormonal situation but I needed more impact so instead of using a regular graham pie crust, I decided to use my Chocolate Honey Graham Cracker Pie Crust . As I was ready to serve it later on, I got another brilliant idea… let’s garnish it with some homemade whipped cream and shaved chocolate – talk about the ultimate dessert… it was the ultimate chocolate overdose!

Luckily, my idea turned out amazing and in the future, I might come up with more recipe combinations! The result is a beautiful combination of two decadent chocolate desserts. If you are serious about chocolate, this pie is definitely for you…
Bon appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/silk-satin-chocolate-pie/

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sweet & Savory Homemade Ketchup

I grew up in a suburb of Montréal. The house was sitting on a nice property and the backyard was the playground for the kids in the neighborhood. It was also the playground for my father who enjoyed his garden. We grew many vegetables and herbs along with tomatoes. At one point, he had five different varieties of tomatoes. For every meal there were some tomatoes on the dining table. When family and friends were coming to visit my parents, they were all leaving with a bag filled with tomatoes.

My mother made so many recipes with them and always tried to add more to her list. When the season was over, the kitchen counter was covered with tomatoes along with other fresh produce from the garden. One recipe my mother made each year and barely lasted until Christmas was her Homemade Ketchup. This was and still is my favorite condiment using tomatoes. We were using it on pork chops, grilled chicken breasts and even on fish… that’s right! This ketchup is that good!

Years ago I asked my mother for the recipe and somehow she couldn’t find it but was able to give me a rough list of the ingredient amounts and directions. My first attempt was good but still not close to what I remembered from my childhood. It took me a few more tries before it finally came out the “right way”. Eureka!

Without a garden of my own, I was making my Sweet & Savory Homemade Ketchup every fall. It was some sort of “family tradition” I wanted to keep alive. I also started – which I should have never done – giving some to my friends. What a big mistake that was!!! Each year, the orders for these little jars filled with yumminess got bigger and bigger. At one point I had to stop making them… it was getting ridiculous!

When David and I started our little garden, my first thought was to make some homemade ketchup so he could try it. At first he was hesitant – most of the time he’s like that! – , but when he finally tried it on hot dogs, he said “Wow!”. He totally loved it! Of course, the ketchup disappeared as fast as it always did in the history of this particular condiment and in the middle of winter, I had to make another batch.

Besides David eating this condiment like no tomorrow, he called it “relish”. Oh sweet Lord! It was almost blasphemy to me! Until recently when I forced him to google it and read what the difference between ketchup and relish is, this argument was going on for several years… I finally won! What a stubborn creature he can be sometimes… lol! Anyway, it really doesn’t matter what you want to call it unless you are standing in front of me… then we’ll have a debate! It is different from the regular Heinz Ketchup but I can guarantee that you’ll really enjoy it compared to the commercial one!
Bon Appétit!

Warning… if you start giving jars away, please be mentally and physically prepared for huge orders in the future!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/sweet-savory-homemade-ketchup/

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche)

Every summer, there’s at least a week that I won’t cook because it’s way too hot for that. Of course I enjoy cooking otherwise I wouldn’t have started my Club Foody website, but I just don’t like cooking when the mercury rises beyond the comfort zone.

It’s insanely hot outside – I usually don’t complain – and along with my hot flashes, I cannot stand myself in my own skin! The AC is running and still, I’m lacking energy… I’m drained! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer… I just don’t like summer with my condition… So what to do?

Frankie needs a break from cooking… that’s all!

David is awesome for that… He’ll grill and do as much as he can to help me when I’m not feeling “that great”. Still, he needs a break as well. Standing in front of the BBQ when it’s already super-hot outside is not an ideal situation for either of us. Of course there are recipes that require no cooking at all… There are a couple of “chilled soups” that I posted already on the site which are Chilled Avocado Soup and Spanish Gazpacho . There are always sandwiches that can be an alternative solution and there’s this recipe that is absolutely perfect to enjoy during this time of year. It is Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche)!

What is that?

It’s a recipe that consists of raw fish and/or seafood marinated in citrus juice. This method helps to “cook” the fish.

How’s that?

Without going into too much detail, the acid from the lime juice (some use lemon instead) denatures the proteins in the fish and from there it turns the flesh opaque and firm. Another way to achieve this chemical process is by heat so without really cooking the fish over the BBQ, in a pan or in the oven, this South American technique delivers the same results… well almost.

Heat kills bacteria which on the other hand the citrus acid won’t achieve, so it is very and I mean very important to use fresh fish. Unless you have access to a commercial freezer which will take only a day, what I like to do is to freeze my fresh catch for at least a week and up to 10 days. I also like to “blanche” the fish for 90 seconds. Both ways will help kill any parasites.

There are two important factors that I would like to point out to successfully make this recipe. First I like to take my fish out from the freezer to my refrigerator and let it thaw for a few hours BUT not completely. When it’s time to cut the flesh into small pieces, having the fish slightly frozen helps make cutting easier, it looks neater with less mess. Secondly, don’t over marinate the fish! Personally I believe 2 ½ to 3 hours is plenty otherwise the flesh starts getting dry. The result you are looking for is to have the fish turning white/opaque.

This recipe is elegant yet uncomplicated as well as delicious! You can easily serve this Ceviche de Pescado to your guests as an appetizer but I prefer it as a main course with tortilla chips as a food vessel. In the video, I didn’t show the last ingredient I added (I blame it on my hot flashes…) which is hot sauce – it seems that everything is “hot” hmmmm? On the other hand, some of my guests loved it just the way it is so it’s a matter of taste if you’d like to add some or not. Go ahead and buy some nice fresh halibut, mahi mahi, snapper or even tilapia and enjoy this flavorful Latin American dish!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/ceviche-de-pescado/

Thursday, 3 August 2017


As you probably know I love my wine. I enjoy cooking with it, sipping it on its own and obviously pairing it with food. I do enjoy other spirits but wine, especially red, is my “thing”. In the Club Foody menu, there’s a section called “Club Picks” and that’s where I share my wine tasting notes as well as some restaurant reviews with you. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so… it might help you next time you need to choose a wine to pair with food at your event…

When it’s very hot outside, I need something cold to drink and red wine is usually out of the picture. Last year when the mercury went above 35ºC for over 3 months, I mixed a lot of cold cocktails. One of them was initially made with 7Up® and it was refreshing. One day though, as I started prepping my “cocktail”, I realized I was out of 7Up®. I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store although it is only a 5 minute walk to get there (it was too hot outside), therefore I had to reinvent that drink with another ingredient. To my great satisfaction and surprise, this modification made the cocktail taste even better!

In this video, I’ll share with you my Cosmocello! It is refreshing but not too sweet… I am not a fan of sweet cocktails anyway. My mixology concoction delivers that perfect balance – not too sweet with a hint of tartness. I like to make it in a red wine glass but any tall glass should work just fine. Garnished with a lemon wedge, this is a great drink to serve your friends at your next backyard party. Who knew that laziness can sometimes deliver something as good as this refreshing drink!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/cosmocello/

Monday, 31 July 2017

Vietnamese Summer Rolls - Gỏi Cuốn

Finger food, also called amuse-gueule in French, is a popular way to enjoy food. There are many dishes around the world that are considered finger food. Here in North America, there are chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, oysters, fries, and so on. In Italy, there’s that delicious bruschetta as well as polpette, olive all’ascolana, canolli and more. In the Middle East, it’s their popular falafel balls, in Peru their cancha and let’s not forget matryoshka eggs that look like miniature dolls that you can find on the table of Russian parties. It doesn’t matter where you are in the World, people enjoy eating with their hands! From appetizers to more substantial meals along with desserts and treats, finger foods are easy, fun and convenient!

I really don’t recall the first time I ate Summer Rolls but one thing is for sure, I’ve been eating them for years now! This popular Vietnamese finger food called Gỏi cuốn is traditionally prepared with pork, prawns, vegetables and vermicelli. It is served with a peanut sauce for dipping.

Each time I make Vietnamese Summer Rolls, my ingredients are never the same… I like to mix things up and add crab meat, beef, eggs, tofu and others. It is not a type of recipe that the culinary imagination is limited! It is fresh, light, super healthy and quite satisfying! I really enjoy making this recipe during the summer when it’s hot outside. I do use peanut sauce but in this video, I’m showing you another quite flavorful dipping sauce for your rolls. It is spicy and sweet plus with the flavors from the summer roll, it is like a firework of yumminess in your month… Watching this video should give you enough temptation to roll up your sleeves and your rice paper to make this amazing recipe!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/vietnamese-summer-rolls/

Thursday, 27 July 2017


When I was a child, I loved listening to elderly people talking about their lives, experiences, comparing their past with the actual present. To me it was a lively talking book – perhaps this is how the audio books started. I never got bored because I was learning from them through their stories. They were giving me an opportunity to see the world from another time, another perspective. That was better than any library in the world!

Things never changed as I grew up to become an adult. Meeting new people with different backgrounds was always interesting. Through the places I lived, I’ve met so many captivating individuals from all around the world who shared a part of themselves. By talking about their lifestyles, customs and so on, one common thing they all had was to make sure I tasted their food. I haven’t met anyone who was not eager to share the dishes they grow up with me. This is when I realized that food was one of the most important factors in anyone’s lives.

While living in Toronto, I met a man who was originally from Lebanon. We became good friends and like the other great people I’ve met throughout my life, he shared with me the food he grew up with. This is how I discovered Levantine cuisine. These flavorful middle-east dishes were deliciously different from any other cuisine. Richard, my Lebanese friend, showed me how to cook many of his favorite recipes. He eventually met a lady and we just drifted apart… that’s life!

Since then I never really made any Levantine dishes until a couple years ago when Club Foody became a part of my life. Before I never really wrote any recipes and realized that I should have. After a few mistakes here and there, I finally was able to make a few dishes learned from Richard with, I’m sure, a slight change to them. Like I mentioned, I never wrote recipes down until recently so as much as I try to stay faithful to the original, recipes can be different.

The one recipe that was extremely easy to remember was Tabbouleh – a vegetarian dish that consists of parsley, bulgur, mint, tomatoes, onions, and seasoned with lemon juice and oil. Not only flavorful but also healthy, this dish is so perfect to serve as a side dish along with any protein. I like to treat it as a salad although I’m not too sure if it is in the culinary world. Salad or not, this is an amazing recipe you will want to keep around…
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/tabbouleh/

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


I’ve been in business for most of my life. If I worked for someone else for 7 years altogether, that’s probably it! In the late 80s’ I started my first company which was a High-end Fashion Boutique for Ladies, located on St Joseph Boulevard in Gatineau (formerly Hull), Québec. I carried big designer names such as Mondi, Marcella Priani, Le Truc, and so on as well as some very expensive lingerie such as Chantelle, Lejaby, Filodoro, etc. I also designed some clothes with my label on them.

It was quite an experience and I was blessed to have amazing ladies working for me. They worked very hard to make my boutique a successful business. Often, I was doing fashion shows and they were there helping me with them. During this time, I met a woman named Lisette who was the agent and promoter for the late Alys Robi, a popular singer from Québec. She worked as well for me promoting my store through different events. She eventually got me a spot for one of my fashion shows at The Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. We did it during day time in the Zoe’s lounge throughout Afternoon Tea, packed with ladies enjoying their three tiered plates and sipping their favorite tea while watching my models walking in between tables showcasing the clothes from my store.

After we wrapped everything, I promised myself that one day I would return there to enjoy this British tradition. Sure enough, a couple of years later just before I officially moved to Toronto, I went there one afternoon with a friend, sat in the lounge and ordered some tea and a three tiered plate filled with sandwiches, scones and other sweet treats. This is when I first experienced these traditional English mid-afternoon tea time food items… scones… those little cakey breads. They weren’t sweet as the British served them along with jam and clotted cream… definitely the real deal! Later on, I had the North American version and they were surprisingly sweet compared to the British ones!

When I was running my event planning biz in Toronto, a lady hired me for her charity funding occasion. She wanted this to take place during the afternoon with something simple, yet elegant. I suggested a traditional afternoon tea served with what I had in Ottawa. She agreed and I went off to search for a caterer as well as a pianist, florist, etc. The event was a success… well almost because many of the guests had a real British afternoon tea experience prior to this event and unfortunately the caterer didn’t deliver the “right” scones.

There is a huge difference between British and North American when it comes to scones. Recently I gave them a try and I was pleased with the results but here was the dilemma – would my scones be a hit with the British or with the North Americans? David loved them and so did my friends… now that was a success to me! I served them with my Strawberry Butter along with petite sandwiches, a few one-bite sweets and a wide variety of tea. My “get-together” event was a success. Now if you will excuse me, I have a tea party to attend…
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/scones/

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Carnival Corn Dogs

There’s a man-made island called Saint Helen, located between Montréal and Longueil that is well known for its entertainment and amusement park; La Ronde. Initially built for Expo 67 which was the most successful World Fair of the 20th century, La Ronde continues to offer amusement rides, games, entertainment and fast-food till this day. It is open from May to October and is a kid’s dream destination.

I remember going there as a child with my parents. I wanted to jump on all the rides, play all the games with the hopes of going back home with a huge stuffed animal and eating whatever I wanted. There was one food item that I really enjoyed eating at the midway and it was called “pogo”, the Québécois given name for corn dogs. With yellow mustard on it, these battered dogs on a stick were absolutely delicious!

As I became an adult, I recall buying a box of corn dogs from the frozen section of the supermarket. They were okay but had that funny, almost metallic taste that you get when foods are frozen. Although I had cravings for them once in a while, I never bought a frozen box again.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to take a shot at making corn dogs from scratch. After mixing my batter with ingredients and spices, dipping the skewered hot dogs/sausages in it and then frying them, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. They were even better than I expected and so easy to make! I don’t have to get dizzy going on rides with a bunch of loud kids around and spend a lot of money to win a stuffed animal to enjoy my “pogo” with a good drizzle of yellow mustard on it and now… so can you!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/carnival-corn-dogs/

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tomates à la Provençale (Tomatoes Provençal)

Tomayto… tomahto!

Fruit… vegetable!

These little guys can be quite a controversy but worldwide, we love them! It doesn’t matter how to pronounce them or if you treat them more like a vegetable than a fruit, tomatoes are just succulent! They are incredibly versatile; used in sauces, stews as well as desserts… that’s right, you read correctly – dessert! Tomatoes are fun to cook with!

Now this trivia will blow your mind… Did you know that there are over 20,000 varieties of tomatoes in the world? It is incredible and apparently the number just keeps growing – as well as botanically… lol! It is a plant that millions of people love to grow.

Summer is here and of course we tend to cook almost everything and anything on the BBQ. David and I have a love affair with it! Our dream is to have a big backyard with a pool and a very large BBQ area for a smoker, charcoal and pizza oven. We just love grilling food!

One side dish I’ve been making for years for its simplicity but also for its amazing freshness is “Tomates à la Provençale” or if you prefer “Tomatoes Provencal” – hey I’m French… of course I’ll say it that way… lol! With a beautiful mix of fresh herbs that I grow on the patio, this recipe pairs so well with any grilled meat. There are a lot of people who cook this in the oven… I prefer it on the barbie! Why starting the oven when it’s barbecue season?

Next time you want a delicious recipe using your garden tomatoes, think about this one. It takes 5 minutes to put the mixture together and after grilling it for another 5, you’ll have a flavorful side dish with your meal. It can’t get any fresher than that!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/tomates-a-la-provencale-tomatoes-provencal/

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cantaloupe Smoothie

We all have our top favorite fruits and vegetables. To this we have our second favorites and then the ones we couldn’t care less about. I’m no different than everyone else although I make a huge effort to eat the ones at the bottom of my list. All fruits and veggies have their own nutritional properties and diversifying our diet is very beneficial for us and our bodies.

Sometimes though, there are certain produce we do like but somehow don’t eat that often. Mine is cantaloupe! I like that fruit but in the past, I could go for years before having some… strange indeed!
To compensate with not eating cantaloupe more often, I’ve decided to create a recipe that would remind me to go and buy it at least a couple of times a year.

For those who don’t know me, I’m not really a breakfast person although I really enjoy the food items. I don’t really have an appetite in the morning and working very long hours on my cooking website, the only thing I desperately want when I wake up is COFFEE! I do drink a lot of it and by the time I’m coffeed-out, it’s almost noon. I guess I still can have breakfast but I simply don’t unless David makes some for me – I know, I’m spoiled and deserve it… lol!

It seems that what I have more often than anything else in the morning is smoothies. It’s quick – I know so is a bowl of cereal – , healthy and makes me cut down a little on my caffeine consumption. So that’s how I came up with the idea to create a healthy recipe with my cantaloupe. Since then, David and I regularly enjoy this fruit and its benefits. If you are like us and want to eat cantaloupe more often, then this recipe will definitely help you do it.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/cantaloupe-smoothie/

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

I’m originally from “La Belle Province” (the beautiful province) which is Québec’s nickname. I lived there until my early 20’s and then from there I moved to Ontario. Québec’s ethnicity sets it apart from the rest of the country. The obvious distinction is the majority of people in that province are French and speak the language. Even the culture is different compared with the other provinces and territories. It has a European flare and a more relaxing “attitude” – une joie de vivre – as we like to say!

Another facet that sets this province apart from the rest of Canada is its foods. Not only does Québec have its traditional dishes such as poutine, tourtière, creton, pouding au chômeur and many more but it is also the largest producer in the world when it comes to maple syrup! Québec is responsible for supplying over 75% worldwide… now that should tell you something.

It’s actually a big deal when the producers collect the sap from the maple trees during spring. It is a gastronomic ritual among us Québécois (Quebecers in English). Starting at the beginning of March and for nearly two months, there are sugar shacks everywhere and people gather together enjoying the harvest. With long wood tables next to each other in a very casual ambiance, the guests enjoy dishes that are cooked with or in maple syrup. Oversized plates are delivered and each person serves themselves just like they would do at home, passing each plate on to the stranger sitting next to them. The traditional meals that can be found on those tables are pea soup, scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages in syrup, ham, salted lard crisps, creton, baked beans, meat pies, boiled potatoes, coleslaw, sugar pies, pouding au chômeur (poor man’s pudding) along with fresh bread, salt and pepper plus bottles of maple syrup to pour more on if a person wants to – like it’s not sweet enough as it is… lol! Live folk music is played and at any time during the meal – and after – , patrons can get up and dance on that rustic old wood floor.

Another fun thing to do when going to a sugar shack is to step outside and wait until one of the people working there comes along with boiling maple syrup and pours it on clean, white snow. On contact, the syrup hardens and the guests quickly roll it on a small popsicle stick. It is called maple syrup taffy or snow candy… take your pick!

There’s another dish that I’m not really sure if it originated in Québec but we sure enjoy the flavor. It is Maple Walnut Ice Cream. With all these traditional dishes cooked with maple syrup, I would presume this cold treat could’ve come from there but I won’t venture to say it affirmatively. On the other hand who cares where it came from because what really matters is how flavorful and delicious this ice cream is! With the crunchy taste from the walnuts, this lovely recipe is exactly what you need this summer. I don’t make “wet walnuts” as many recipes out there suggest because the maple flavor is already quite intense but I definitely roast them in the oven. This little step makes such a huge impact on this recipe. It elevates the taste and aroma of the nuts… definitely a must do.

Do Québécois have a sweet tooth? I guess we do but so does the rest of the world when it comes to maple syrup. This is probably the most popular food item that people who travel to Québec love to bring back home. Now if you’ve never been to Québec, this cold treat will give you a “taste” – of it.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/maple-walnut-ice-cream/

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Grilled Fish Tacos

Who wants to cook inside during the summer months? NOT ME! Well it depends… if it’s not too “hot”, it doesn’t bother me BUT if the mercury rises beyond my comfort zone, cooking will definitely be done outside. Of course we all agree that grilling on the barbecue is the way to go.

One of our favorite light food items that we enjoy cooking on the “barbie” is fish. It is quick to prepare, easy to cook and there are so many versatile ways to have it. One of them is in a taco. After prepping all your ingredients, the only thing that has to be done is to grill the fish and the tacos… – a few minutes later… voilà dinner is served!

This Grilled Fish Taco recipe I’m sharing with you today is so delicious. You can use halibut (that’s the one I’m using in the video), mahi mahi, grouper, cod, snapper or flounder but the secret ingredient is the fish rub. With a blend of spices, this rub is the right touch to make your fish shine… well in this case grill is probably more appropriate… lol!

When it’s time to assemble your taco after barbecuing, you can use chopped ingredients such as avocados, red cabbage, chives and so on and there’s a nice fresh creamy dill sauce that can be drizzled on top too. This is the perfect dish to enjoy anytime but more so when you really don’t want to cook anything inside…
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/grilled-fish-tacos/

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Herbed Garlic Parmesan Croutons

I don’t really like to lecture people but… that’s right there’s a “but”… when it comes to food, I can’t resist mentioning how good it is to have a little salad at least once a day. Eating greens is very important for the function of our metabolism.

I also realize that many people force themselves to eat salads because they find them “boring”. You’ve read it right… boring! I, personally, love eating salads because I have so many versatile recipes therefore every day I can serve salads with delicious variations.

Enough with the salad…

When I go grocery shopping, I rarely buy prepared food items. I prefer to make my own as much as I can. Some would say it takes too much time. My argument is I’d rather spend some time making homemade than losing years of my life. Prepared foods are, in my opinion, poison! The food manufacturers add chemicals to food to preserve them for a longer shelf life. When you take a moment to think about it, what can 30 minutes a day do to improve your health? A lot if you think about simple changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. For example, if you like to watch TV a lot during the evening, remove one program and replace it by making something homemade instead of store-bought. Little changes like this can have a big impact on your life…

Enough with the prepared food items…

Sooo, I like to eat salad and I like to make variations each day to make it delicious and interesting. One item that can enhance a salad besides nuts, dry fruits and of course vegetables and so on is... croutons! I used to buy them at the store but I stopped doing that a long time ago and I’m glad I did. The taste of homemade croutons is far superior to the boxed stuff from the supermarket. Adding fresh ingredients makes the croutons so yummy!

Here I’m sharing my Herbed Garlic Parmesan Croutons recipe and if… only if you decide to walk from the couch to the kitchen during the commercial breaks, you can make this flavorful recipe. The time it takes to make them is short and the results are amazing!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/herbed-garlic-parmesan-croutons/

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Homemade Lemonade

The best lemonade I ever had was when I was in Mexico City but first let me start from the beginning.

Back in the late 90s’ during the fall season I was working on a gig, trying to make a deal with Hudsons Bay and a Mexican company located just outside of Mexico City who were making chocolates filled with liqueur. Before I went there, I looked for a place to stay for ladies only – no it wasn’t a YWCA. I had heard about it and also I was informed that the price of a room was pretty cheap. So the first time I went there for my business venture, I booked my room for 10 days, flew from Toronto to Mexico and there I was.

When I checked in, I was happily surprised to meet a few Canadian ladies from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). They were working in the area and tried to learn Spanish as well. Obviously being an expatriate, we kind of stuck together. When my time was up, I flew back home and by the time I arrived, Hudson Bay buyers were quite interested in that chocolate-liqueur company. I booked the same hostel for ladies and went back but this time I was there for almost a month.

It was a very enriching experience to be there that long. I learned so much about the Mexican culture (still not enough), went to many places where the locals hangout, discovered other food items and learned more Spanish.

One afternoon, one of the ladies from Toronto and I went to a local restaurant for lunch. She was off that day and I didn’t have any meetings set up. The food was incredible but what I remember the most was their lemonade. OMG! It was the best lemonade EVER! They served it in one of those thick plastic tall glasses with a straw. It was so amazingly delicious that I finished it pretty fast and quickly ordered another one. I had to restrain myself from not ordering one more.

Later that day when the other ladies got back to the hostel, I couldn’t stop talking about how incredibly tasty the lemonade was so much that a few of them decided to go the next day to have it. Well they changed their mind quite fast when a few hours later I started getting pretty, pretty sick. I caught a bug that is commonly known as “tourista”. I won’t go into too much detail but let’s put it this way, the Mexican woman who was in charge of the hostel had to call a doctor for me to get intravenous because I was getting so dehydrated… no kidding, it was that bad!

The next day, I realized what caused it – I drank a local lemonade made with local water plus I had ice cubes made with local water… the WATER was what caused my illness! Although I felt quite weak for a few days, I kept thinking how good the lemonade was. I was leaving in a couple of days but if I hadn’t gotten sick, I would’ve probably gone back for more lemonade.

The next summer I made homemade lemonade and although, it’s still not quite there, my lemonade is pretty close to the one I had in Mexico City. I wonder if the difference in taste is caused by the water. The good thing is you’ll be able to enjoy as many glasses as you want. After making this extremely easy recipe, you’ll never buy any from the store… it’s that good!

For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/homemade-lemonade/

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Smoky Porky Burgers

These days, most people barbecue all year round but summer is THE season for that! Just the smell of a BBQ triggers my appetite – my sense of smell is amazing so is the size of my stomach… lol!

So many times David and I were cycling and I was on a “detox” which means no food and drink strictly my “juice”. Then all of a sudden I get a whiff of the smell of a BBQ and that’s it… my detox was out the door! David always loves to tease me about it – “she’s back on the See Food * Eat Food diet”, he likes to say. Right from the start, it takes so much will power to be on a detox program and I know I can do it but when it comes to BBQ and the smell, I’m just powerless!

There are certain food items that are sinfully delicious! One of them and I’m sure you’ll agree is BACON! A little bit of bacon makes recipes taste a million times better! The smokiness of it brings amazing flavors to any dish. That’s why this recipe was created… so you can blame it on the bacon!

One comfort food I enjoy a lot is burgers! I like the combination of the toasted buns, grilled seasoned meat and some yummy condiments to top everything off! This is what I call “a perfect bite”! Obviously because summer is grilling season, sharing another burger recipe is something I just had to do and that is why I’m showing you how to make my Smoky Porky Burgers!

I know, I know the name is quite enticing especially if you watch what you eat. But let’s get real here. This is one of those dishes you want to indulge in… and why not? It’s summer, it’s nice outside and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a tasty burger such as this Smoky Porky Burger!

Next time you want to fire up the Barbie and enjoy a super flavorful burger, don’t look any further and give this recipe a try… it’s sinfully delicious!!!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/smoky-porky-burgers/

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Creamy Coleslaw

Everyone has their favorite season and mine is definitely summer although I really enjoy autumn with its beautiful colors and fresh, cool air. There are so many reasons why summer is my favorite of all; nice hot weather, my open-toed sandals (yes I realize I’ve mentioned them quite a few times… hey I love them!), outdoor activities such as golfing, cycling, swimming, hiking and so on, plus the food! Everything seems to taste better. The freshness of produce and the availability make me want to eat more of it. Although I serve salad with almost every meal throughout the year because it’s healthy – I have a healthy conscious – I really enjoy having it more during the summer months.

There is one particular vegetable that I was never really fond of and it’s cabbage. Growing up, everyone in my family loved it except for me; something to do with the taste, smell and texture. Ironically, I fell in love with David who is German. Should I continue? Yes, that’s right! Germans and their cabbage… it’s like French with their cheese! Fair enough! LOL!!!

Last year I posted my or should I say “His” German Red Cabbage recipe. It is an amazing recipe and this is when I went out of my way to give cabbage another chance to prove me wrong. Guess who won? Since then, I’ve been eating cabbage. I still have a slight problem when cabbage is cooking because of the smell but the taste though is perfectly fine with me – keep in mind that our tastes do change with time… or is it because of my feelings toward my partner???

Now it was my turn to do something with cabbage. I came up with this Summer Creamy Coleslaw recipe and here are the reasons for it… First, I love David and second, I wanted to create a recipe that I wouldn’t ever imagine that one day I would enjoy! Back then I was working for this American Food Website as a Food/Recipe Analyst and I submitted this recipe to them. They posted it and I actually bragged about it to my family members and friends. I know, it’s childish but I was so proud of me. C’mon… Frankie creating a recipe with cabbage… impossible!

Anything is possible… well that’s what I’ve heard, don’t quote me on it! I love the combination of the dressing with the freshness of the ingredients. If this doesn’t scream out loud summer than I don’t know what does! It is bright, colorful, sweet & savory with a nice fresh crisp bite to it. This coleslaw salad is perfect with any meal and unless there’s a picky little brat like me (when I was young) around, everyone will love it!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/summer-creamy-coleslaw/

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Coconut Waffles

How’s your morning? I’m sure it can be quite crazy, trying to get everybody up in the morning let alone getting the kids ready for school; feed them quickly, make their lunch and then off to school.

I wake up very early each day and once in a blue moon I sleep in but that doesn’t happen too often. Although I’m up and about mostly working on this site and anything related to it, I’m not really a breakfast person. I have to have my coffee… black please… but once in a while I do eat breakfast. It’s not because I don’t like it… I LOVE breakfast food, but I think it’s more the fact that I drink so much coffee that by the time I should sit and enjoy my breakfast, I’m not hungry anymore. That’s probably why there are not so many recipes posted in the breakfast section on Club Foody website. Now when I do have breakfast, it has to be gooooood!

David loves his waffles and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them as well. One morning though I thought I should put a twist into this popular breakfast item and… voilà! This recipe has the nice delicate taste of coconut in it and I wanted that way. I didn’t want it to be too overpowering but still enjoy the flavors. It didn’t stop me from going over the top and pour some coconut syrup on my waffles that I purchased when we were in Kauai, Hawaii.

Now that summer is here, there’s more time to enjoy breakfast with family members so here’s the perfect recipe to serve them. If and only if you end up with leftovers – I highly doubt it – they freeze very well. Lay them on a single layer on a baking sheet and transfer to the freezer. When frozen, place them in a re-sealable plastic bag and back to the freezer until needed. When you’re ready to enjoy them again, reheat your waffles in your toaster… is that’s easy!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/coconut-waffle/

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Twice Baked Potatoes

Barbecue season is officially here although most of us grill all year round. I love the smell of grilled food on the BBQ… it stimulates my appetite! I would say that one of the most popular foods that grill masters love to cook on the “Barby” is steak! It doesn’t matter if it’s a T-bone, New York strip, Filet Mignon or Ribeye, steak on the BBQ is to die for…. With some seasoning and BBQ sauce, there’s nothing more delicious than a juicy medium-rare steak. I’m a carnivore, can you tell?

When we have a BBQ steak dinner, I love to make a nice salad, some fresh steamed vegetables although sometimes I like to serve it with my Tomato Provençale recipe which is coming up this summer July 2017. Other times, I like to have our steaks with  Steakhouse Sautéed Mushrooms or baked potatoes with all the traditional goodies. Other times I love making a side dish that is packed with yumminess… my Twice Baked Potatoes.

When it’s time to pair a steak with a side dish, Twice Baked Potatoes is the ultimate choice – let’ not forget a salad as well (salad should be served with most meals anyway… it’s healthy!). It is easy to make and the results are sinfully delicious! I don’t serve this every time we have a steak but when I do, the crowd goes wild… okay I am slightly exaggerating. Let’s put it this way… every time family and friends have had my Twice Baked Potato, they all want the recipe… it’s that good! Now it’s your turn to serve it and have your guests go crazy for it… here we go again with the exaggeration… or maybe not… it’s up to you to find out!
Bon appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/twice-baked-potatoes/

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Easy Chicken Quesadillas

Awww summer is finally here! This is my favorite season… okay I also love autumn because of its fresh air and colors but back to the summer. There are so many things to do or should I say so many things I like to do. Although I’ve been playing golf for almost 2 months now and was fortunate to go to Rancho Mirage for a couple weeks back in April, summer is golf season… well to me it is! Besides golf, we enjoy cycling a lot. There are so many beautiful cycling trails here on the West Coast and the scenery is breathtaking!

Summer can also be very hot, so hot that I don’t really feel like cooking – yep it happens to me as well! It seems that I don’t really have an appetite and heavy meals are so out of the question. When this happens I want to enjoy light foods that are quick and easy to prepare.

There’s a dish that I like making when the temperature rises beyond the comfort zone and it is quesadillas. It’s a great dish that doesn’t take too much time to prep and by the time it’s ready, it probably took less than half an hour. I like to boil my chicken but I also enjoy this recipe with grilled chicken on the “barbie”! It’s a matter of how either of us feels that day…

Quesadillas is a great dish not only for its simplicity but also for its flavor! Personally, this dish is totally made for summer although I know some people who eat it all year round. In the video I show two techniques for making them; with a quesadilla machine or without one – the quesadilla machine was a gift I received when I was working as a food analyst for that American cooking website otherwise I would never buy one for myself. I have to admit... I have way too many kitchen tools/appliances!

If you’ve never had this popular Mexican dish before, I highly suggest you try it… for the ones who have had it, now here’s a recipe you can make at home.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/easy-chicken-quesadillas/

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Spanish Gazpacho

Summer is here… well less than a couple weeks away but still, the heat has already started, we cook less inside and more outside. If you are like me, unless it’s BBQ food, I don’t really have an appetite for hot meals. I enjoy eating lighter and “cooler”.

The oven is almost banned during the summer months. It’s like sticking a banner in front of it that says “No Entry” or “Use at your own Risk “. Anything helps to reducing extra heat plus as a mature lady, I do have additional heat of my own so I really don’t need more if you know what I’m talking about!

When you hear the word “soup”, what comes to your mind is SOUP – hot, like real steamy hot. That kind of meal is so requested during the cold months. This is probably the last comfort food you want to enjoy now and in the months to come. I don’t blame you. Now let’s try this again – SOUP – but this time, let’s make it cold. Really?

There’s a soup that I was introduced to when I was in my early 20s’ by a young lady from Madrid. We met while both studying at the University of Québec in Montréal. I was so drawn to her. She was lively, colorful and so interesting! She and her family traveled extensively in Europe and she was the type of person that tells you a story with so much detail and excitement, that it seems you were there with them.

She was a couple of years older than me and it was her last semester. She was returning back to Spain so before she left, she surprised me by taking me out for dinner to one of her favorite restaurants. It was owned by a couple that was originally from a small village near Madrid. They were cooking food that made her feel happy and reminded her of her home town. This is when she introduced me to Gazpacho. Just the name itself enhanced my curiosity. As she explained, this is exactly how her mother and her grandmothers made that soup. It was cold, refreshing and so flavorful! She quickly told me which ingredients went in it and, of course, I just listened and didn’t take any notes.

Years ago, I tried to duplicate that recipe and alas, it wasn’t quite there. It tasted more like a “soupy salsa” and wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the one I enjoyed back then. Eventually after trying and never being successful with my Gazpacho, I, one day, remembered an important ingredient… bread! That was it! A few tries later and VOILÀ, I finally got it!

Of what I can remember, the taste is pretty similar to the one I had that evening with my Madrileño friend. I won’t be arrogant by saying it is authentic because it has been way too long since then but at least I can say that the results are scrumptious and doesn’t taste like a salsa someone has thrown in the blender. Add this fabulous recipe to your “summer must try” list… you won’t regret it!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/spanish-gazpacho/

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Strawberry Butter

The month of June has so much going on… it’s the last month of school for kids before summer vacation, Father’s Day, warm weather, summer solstice, harvest season along with food festivals. Going to one of these is fun and it attracts so many people. One I really enjoy is the Strawberry Festival. There are booths to buy cooked and/or prepared food items, knick-knacks to buy, games, Ferris wheel and rides, sometimes entertainment and mascots as well as displays of the star of the festival which is the strawberry. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon and bring back home some fresh goodies!

Now you’re at home and bought a lot of nice and juicy strawberries. Of course the first couple of days after washing them, you’ll probably eat the strawberries just like they are. These little guys are so awesome but they don’t keep well for too long so the next logical step is to bake or cook with them. Of course jams, ice cream and pies are a popular alternative use for them. There are also other ways to use strawberries in an unorthodox recipe that might surprise you…

Last year, my crisper was filled with strawberries. I made ice cream… I love that flavor! I also made a delicious strawberry shortcake… yum! Still, I had so many of these juicy little guys left! I used some in my smoothie but there were more and I wasn’t going to waste them – I can’t stand wasting food! So I’ve decided to think outside of the box for another use for strawberries.

That weekend, I created a few recipes with them that I never made before and the results were scrumptious! Here’s one of them… Strawberry Butter! That’s right, you read right! You won’t believe how delightful this is! The taste is simply beautiful and so perfect to spread on English muffins, scones, croissants, bagels, biscuits… you name it! Also there’s a plus to it… it freezes remarkably well! You can enjoy this flavorful butter anytime even after the season is long gone! It is also an elegant way to serve butter for your next brunch party.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/strawberry-butter/

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Greek Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves) with Avgolemono Sauce

There are certain dishes that become your favorites right from the start. When I was 19 years old, I worked for a record release event with many well-known Québécois celebrities such as Diane Tell, Robert Charlebois and Daniel Lavoie among the guests. I was the hostess greeting them upon their arrival. If you asked me who’s record release it was, I couldn’t answer as it’s been so long but there are a few things I still remember such as the location of the event and one dish that I fell in love with that night.

The event took place in a club on Prince Arthur Street in downtown Montréal. Now for those of you not familiar with that particular street, Prince Arthur has a small stretch between Square St Louis just off St Denis Street to St Laurent Street that is dedicated to pedestrians. Also there are many restaurants with outdoor patios, cafés and bars. When it comes to restaurants, Prince Arthur was and still is locally renowned for its Greek restaurants and BYOW “Bring your own Wine” service. Let’s not forget that we are talking back in the early 80s’ and the BYOW was not really legal at that time… really!

After the event was over, the employees were allowed to eat what was left from the buffet and seriously, it looked like it was barely touched. Obviously because of its location, the buffet was majorly Greek food with a few exceptions. Although I’ve dined at many restaurants on that street, there were certain dishes I’ve never tried. That night I went out of my comfort “Greek” zone and tried everything I had never tried till then. This is when Greek Dolmades became one of my favorites!

A few years later, I moved to Windsor, Ontario. One of the things I liked to do with my friends was to go out for dinner to Greek town located right downtown in Detroit, Michigan. Most of the restaurants had belly dancers and live music. It was a fun place to go! Of course the first time when I went to one of the Greek town restaurants and saw Dolmades, I ordered it without an ounce of hesitation. What a surprise when my appetizer arrived – it wasn’t with a yogurt sauce but an egg-sauce called Avgolemono. WOW! was my reaction after my first bite. Since then, I have to eat my Dolmades with that sauce.

As you will be seeing in this video, making Dolmades, also known as Stuffed Grape Leaves, is very easy but laborious. My advice is to wear comfortable shoes or flip flop, play your favorite music and you’ll see how fast time goes by. It is a big batch to make – about 50 of them – but on the other hand, you can always freeze them and enjoy those little guys weeks later. I won’t recommend doing the same with the sauce… c’mon, it’s an egg based sauce! Another plus to this dish is you can eat it hot, warm or cold so it is a perfect appetizer to serve all year round.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/greek-dolmades-with-avgolemono-sauce/

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt

Summer is almost here which means… “it’s sandals” time! I love my sandals, I find them very sexy! With a nice pedicure, these highlight the feet of a woman! I like to wear either a bracelet around my ankle or a toe ring… it’s very feminine! What am I doing? It’s a cooking website not a fashion blog!

Back to food… Another thing that comes with summer is HOT days… yippee! I’d say that one common popular treat around the world that young and old enjoy during warm weather is ice cream, gelato, sorbet and… frozen yogurt!

I never really made frozen yogurt before until last year when I saw half of a Greek yogurt container sitting in my fridge. I didn’t want to waste it so the solution was to make something with it. That particular morning I already had a smoothie so I didn’t feel like making another one for the next day so this is when the idea of using it for a frozen treat came to mind.

My first attempt was not as yummy as I was expecting. The flavor from the yogurt was way too overpowering and left a funny taste in my mouth (it wasn’t expired… I checked). Now every time I don’t succeed with a recipe, I don’t give up – poor David…! I just keep trying until I get it. Luckily, the second time was “bang on!”

If you are looking for an interesting recipe this summer, don’t look any further and try my Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt! This rich frozen treat has a beautiful velvety texture and a slight tang to it. With some shaved chocolate in it, this makes a great summer treat for the family!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/chocolate-frozen-greek-yogurt/

Friday, 26 May 2017

Pacific Coast Salmon on the BBQ

When I was single and dating, I realized that every guy had a “signature dish”. Each one of them was proud to make me taste their “creation”. The majority of the dishes that I tried (honestly I don’t try to be one of the judges from “Chopped”) – were okay! Considering that these poor single men with no culinary background were on their own cooking their way to impress me (or other ladies) was good enough to deserve respect! Most of them found ways to come up with some dishes by using prepared food. For example, one guy I was dating for almost 6 months was making shrimp risotto. You’ll probably think that’s not too shabby. You’re right… until I stood next to him watching his “cooking method” which basically came down to; 1 box of risotto plus frozen shrimp – which frozen was acceptable – and pre-shredded cheese (I can’t stand that kind of cheese… yuck!). The final result was fine as long as I was dismissing most of the ingredients. Of course the important thing was he made an effort to cook something for me.

One day there was a very handsome man named David from British Columbia that approached me and the connections between the two of us were unbelievable! We started dating long distance and eventually met in person in Toronto. From there, I came to visit him here in Vancouver. Like most of the men I dated before him, he had a signature dish as well but this one was quite different from others… it was really good!!!

His Pacific Coast Salmon was seasoned (although a little too salty) and cooked perfectly on the barbecue. He served it with rice and steamed veggies. That was it! I was hooked! What? Who says that women cannot be won by their stomach… lol! After we moved in together, this dish was among our favorites and still is. We had Lynn and June, friends of ours, over for dinner when we were vacationing in Rancho Mirage last month. Guess what was on the menu…? His salmon recipe! Now that we have evolved as a couple, I like to serve this dish with my  Moroccan Couscous Salad and some fresh steamed green beans. Simple and quite fast to prep and make, this is the perfect dish to serve either when hosting or when you want a quick meal.
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/pacific-coast-salmon-on-the-bbq/

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Palm Springs Date Shake

We just came back from the Palm Springs area and I’m ready to pack my bags again and return to this gorgeous oasis! As I said many, many times; if I could live there, I would! I’ve been in love with this Southern part of California since I was 16 and I came for my first visit with my father. Back in January 1981, we met down there with my Aunt Rolande and Uncle John along with my cousin Michelle. During our stay in paradise, we went to the Bob Hope tournament. Yes, I did see Bob Hope and even took a picture of him. Other celebrities that were at the tournament were President Ford, Orson Wells and Jack Nicklaus. Great memories and great fun!

Since then I’ve been back to Palm Springs almost a dozen times – definitely not enough – and intend to return each year – dreaming is okay… it keeps you going! Every trip, I make sure to add a new golf course to play and a new restaurant to try. Until this year though, I never really looked deeper into trying something that is a local favorite from the area. This is all Club Foody’s fault – food, food, food!
I found a milkshake! That’s it, you say! Yup, but this milkshake is very, very good!

We went to Indio just outside of Palm Desert and nearby La Quinta to explore Shields Date Gardens where you can apparently find the best Date Shake in Southern California! When you enter, it almost feels like you entered a time capsule that is frozen in time. There’s a bunch of gadgets from the 50’s-60’s and 70’s and on the back wall, you see a long counter just like the ones you see in a diner, with those low chrome stools that spin… that’s where the shakes are made! There are books, toys, candies, sauces, dressings as well as dates – go figure… lol! – for sale. There’s also a small area where people can sit and watch an educational movie on the “Sex Life of a Date” – really? – Yep that’s the title, I didn’t make it up! Further to the back, they have an outdoor area where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch. Is it a tourist trap? ABSOLUTELY! Still, it was fun to discover a new taste sensation…

We thought the date shake was good but not excellent and let me tell you why… we found it too sweet with big chunks of dates in it! So what did we do? We thought – “How can we make it better… well at least more to our liking? I knew we had pitted Medjool Dates in our refrigerator so it was one of the rare things I was looking forward to on our return… creating our version of a Palm Springs Date Shake!

Within a week of being back in Canada, I made the shake and we both really loved it! Here it is! A twist on an iconic food favorite with a few added ingredients! I really think that next time I’ve got the blues of not being in Palm Springs (I have that feeling at least a couple of times a month), I will make myself a Palm Springs Date Shake, close my eyes and bring the oasis back… ahhhhhhhh!
Bon appétit!

For ingredient amounts and much more, please visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/palm-springs-date-shake/

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Powerhouse Cookies

When I was living in Toronto, I was at the gym 6 days a week… Nutrition, exercise and healthy eating were a priority for me. I had a regimen that I stuck to firmly and not only did I feel amazing but I looked great too! I recently started to get back to that kind of lifestyle. It’s hard at first but as soon as you start seeing and feeling results, it seems to get easier.

Now that the warmer weather is here and summer is close by, getting back in shape is a lot more enjoyable than the colder winter months. David and I love outdoor activities. We’re both avid golfers and enjoy cycling a lot. We also like to go for long walks and with all the beautiful parks here in British Columbia, it’s a nice excuse to step out. When we know we’ll be gone for a while, we like to bring a little snack with us. It can be fruits, cut veggies or cookies but not just any kind…

This cookie recipe is so delicious! It’s not overly sweet and the list of healthy ingredients that go into it makes these cookies even more enjoyable. David likes them so much, he even has them for breakfast with his morning coffee. I’m sure they can keep well for a week but we’re not the best people to ask. Every time I make them, they disappear fast – just keep in mind that there’s only two of us here… lol!

Next time you plan an activity and want to bring a snack along, this recipe is perfect but just make sure to bring enough for everyone!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/powerhouse-cookies/

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

French Dip with Au Jus

Roast beef and prime rib are so delicious! These are cuts of meat I really appreciate and savor every time I have them. This is also an easy meal to serve when you are hosting a dinner. Last month just before Easter weekend, I posted my Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs an easy flavorful dish to serve for any special occasion!

Now when I buy a roast, I love to get one bigger than I actually need because of the leftovers. The next meal is super easy and super-fast to prepare because all the cooking is already done. I just reheat a few slices of roast beef in the pan with some gravy and serve with a couple side dishes… tada! Although I really like it that way, there’s another dish I really, really love to make out of it… it’s my French Dip with Au Jus for dipping. Oh my!

The combination of ingredients makes this sandwich one of my favorites because it elevates the flavors and believe me, this sandwich is a winner! David knows his French Dip and he thinks mine is the best… pat on the back, thank you!

If you have leftovers from your roast beef then you are in for a treat with this delicious, tasty sandwich along with the homemade Au Jus. Both are simple to put together and you’ll have a meal to enjoy in next to no time. I’m positive next time you are at the grocery store, you will buy a bigger roast just so you have an excuse to make this French Dip with Au Jus recipe… it’s that good!
Bon Appétit!

For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/french-dip-with-au-jus/


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bacon Wedge Salad

Mother’ Day is here in just a few days and unless you live far away from her, the chance to see your mom that day is pretty obvious! Some of you will even cook a nice meal at home and have her over. Others will take her out to a nice restaurant. Whichever you decide on, she’ll be very happy I’m sure.

Of course if you have her over for brunch or dinner, you’ll be making something special or prepare one of her favorite dishes.

A dish that my mother enjoys a lot when we go for brunch/lunch is a salad along with a nice glass of wine. From all the salads on the menu, if she sees a wedge salad, she’s sold! She loves her blue cheese so it’s an obvious choice.

I love this salad as well and have it often because I like its simplicity. It’s super-fast to make and I can start to enjoy my dinner within 10 minutes. Unfortunately this year, I won’t be able to make it back to Québec city for Mother’s Day therefore this simple but amazingly flavorful dish is dedicated to my Mom!
Bon Appétit and Happy Mother’s Day!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/bacon-wedge-salad/

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spicy Sausage Penne all'Arrabbiata

Most of us complain about not having enough time in a day. Quite often I wish a day was 48 hours long as I feel that I’m constantly trying to squeeze as much as I can in a day so I can accomplish more. The downside of it is I am sleep deprived, stressed and often agitated. Although Albert Einstein said that “time” is an illusion, in my world, time is pretty much a harsh reality.

Alright, enough whining…lol! There’s no secret that I love cooking. Although it’s fun, I do appreciate some uncomplicated dishes that are quick to make. Now let’s not confuse quick and easy with less mouthwatering recipes. The two can be easily paired together.

One dish that I enjoy for its simplicity and its amazing flavor is Penne all’Arrabbiata. It’s incredibly fast to prepare! Originally from the south of Italy, the sauce of this dish is made with pepperoncini, garlic and tomatoes – can’t be much simpler than that! Although I really enjoy the traditional one, I’ve decided to bring it up a notch… why not!

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you my Spicy Sausage Penne all’Arrabbiata. I just couldn’t resist adding a smoky flavor to this dish and I did! It’s a slight twist but the results are just delicious! This recipe takes under ½ hour to make and you can enjoy a savory meal without losing quality and flavor. I’m sure time can be an issue and when it happens, take a deep breath and quickly make this flavorful pasta dish!
Bon Appétit!

For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/spicy-sausage-penne-allarrabbiata/