Thursday, 23 February 2017

Stuffed Baguettes

There are many meals we grew up with that we continue enjoying as adults. We also like to share these meals with our partners, kids and friends. This is like sharing a special part of us with loved ones and often this is how “new” traditions start!

There are also meals that we could’ve had just a couple times as a youngster and they had an impact on us. Perhaps your mother or father forgot all about, but you still remember it like it was a meal served often. This happened to me with my mother…

I remember a particular dish that she made just a couple of times and it was delish! It wasn’t anything fancy but it was “yummy in my tummy”! I asked her about this dish and after a few “I don’t’ remember!” – “Are you sure I made it?” – “When did I make it?” – I finally got an ‘OH YEAH, I remember now…!”. What a relief it was because I thought for a second that it could’ve been my imagination! But even my imagination couldn’t come up with something so simple with so many flavors at such a young age.

After my mother dug into her recipe notes – that’s a scary place to go… there’s no binder, just a couple of note books plus a stack of yellowish paper with her hand writing and somehow she can find her way through this mess…oh my! – she finally found it! This piece of paper had an “unidentified” stain on it but there it was that simple dish she made over 40 years ago that I still recall clearly… well clear enough anyway.

So after she gave me the recipe, I made it but after all these years of experimenting with new spices and flavors, this dish was slightly disappointing! As you guys should know me by now, I recreated this recipe to meet my “adulthood standard” (is it such a thing?) and today I’m proud to share with you a simple recipe that delivers deliciously! This is a great dish for either lunch or dinner with a nice salad on the side.
Bon Appétit!


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