Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Sesame Snaps

Most of my life, I’ve always been quite active physically. It is only until a few years ago that I stopped going to the gym and be more sedentary. Is it because the huge amount of hours spent in front of my computer doing editing, writing, blogging, and so on? Although it is probably the reason why, I won’t let it get to me. I need to get back into shape like I used to all my life. I miss my firm little body and I won’t blame it on Club Foody. The only person at fault here is… MOI (me)!

So I was basically at the gym almost every day since the 80s’ and if I wasn’t there, I was constantly moving and exercising. When it came to eating, I never had a weight problem until recently with my hormones going off the wall and my metabolism slowing down like a snail! Back then, I basically ate whatever I wanted without gaining an ounce. Was I a tofu-grain fanatic? Not really… I was eating from super healthy to normal but here’s the thing… I’ve never been a fan of fast food chains… their food grosses me out! When I was going to a health food store – I still enjoy going there – I always loved to try new “stuff”. This is when I discovered the sesame seed snacks/snaps/candy take your pick! They became my favorite little sweet treats especially if I needed a quick sugar fix!

One afternoon after the gym and stopping at the convenience store (yep they were there as well) to buy my little sesame snaps, I decided that I should give it a try and make them homemade… just for the kick! Well it was a hell of a kick at first trying to figure out the amounts and making sure they would be crunchy instead of sticky and gluey! It took me a few tries but I eventually succeeded!

Back then, silicone mats didn’t exist so I was using parchment paper. Oh my! So many times, the sesame seed mixture glued to the paper and I had to throw everything in the garbage then restarted all over again. Eventually I had a brain storm and greased the papers very, very well, quickly rolled the mixture out so it gets pretty thin – the thinner it is, the crunchier it gets! – and voilà, I finally made my homemade favorite treats.

From start to finish, you can enjoy them within ½ an hour – it’s a snap to make them… ummm! It is a light and tasty little treat with a satisfying crunch. They are great in lunch boxes, bring them along with your activities or enjoy them during mid-afternoon. If you decide to freeze some for later, place wax paper in between each square and place them in a re-sealable plastic freezer bag. Now with this recipe wherever you are, you and your family can enjoy these little guys!
Bon Appétit!


For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/sesame-snaps/

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