Thursday, 7 December 2017

Candied Fruits

During the Holidays, we bake a lot more especially when we are hosting a dinner. Many baked goods can be great to bring to a party or to give as a gift. The list of baked recipes is almost endless and can be hard to choose from…

Since I’ve been living on my own, I always loved having dinner parties at my place and more so during this time of year. Having people around, laughing and telling stories while music is playing in the background with flavorful aromas of cooked food floating through the air, makes the entire evening a beautiful memory to cherish!

Like everyone else, I obviously bake more during the Holidays. There are cookies, cakes, breads, pies everywhere… no wonder I gain weight! It’s all good because it wouldn’t be the same without the baked goods – I’ve heard that Santa has a sweet tooth!

I particularly remember my second Christmas when I was hosting a large group for dinner. I wanted to start ahead of time and make my cookies, pies, breads, fruitcakes and so on. When I went to the supermarket, after adding all the ingredients I needed to my shopping cart, there was one item I couldn’t find… candied fruits! I went to other stores with same scenario… no candied fruits. I started to panic! I was going to make a fruit cake but without the fruits, there’s no “fruitcake”! As soon as I returned home, I called my mother to tell her about the situation. To my astonishment, she told me over the phone how to make them… After all the running around, the frustration along with the stress, I discovered how simply and easy it was to make candied fruits!

This recipe is for all you bakers… It is such a simple method to make them and in my opinion, they taste better than the ones from the store. This is an ingredient that you need to have around especially when there’s a lot of baking involved. Thanks to my mom, I was able to make my fruitcake and learn another recipe. After preserving them and storing them in an airtight container, I can enjoy them for a whole year and there’s no need to go to the supermarket…
Happy Baking and… Bon Appétit!


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