Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Soft Boiled Eggs

Probably the only time I have breakfast almost every day is when I’m on vacation. When I’m at home, I might have a decent breakfast on the rare occasion but my “every day” breakfast consists mostly of liquid… specifically “coffee”. Please don’t start to lecture me… I know that it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

As I mentioned many times, I DO love breakfast food! They’re fun to eat and there’s such a wide variety to choose from. Cereals, bread, pastries, eggs, fruits, smoothies and even seafood & meat, breakfast time is sure to please anyone!

Now back to when I do eat breakfast. When I stay at a hotel and they have either Eggs Benedict or Soft Boiled Eggs on the menu, I’ll definitely order some. Interesting enough, a few years ago (that was before I met my handsome partner), I went on vacation with Mary, a friend of mine, to an “all inclusive” resort in Puerto Vallarta – David and I are going there next week… can’t wait! When her and I went for breakfast, there was so much to choose from but – yes there’s a “but” – my favorite breakfast items were nowhere to be found.

One morning Mary and I decided to venture outside the resort (finally… I can’t stay in one place) and enjoy breakfast somewhere else. Well what a nice surprise when I saw a restaurant downtown that was serving Soft Boiled Eggs! We sat down and both ordered the same thing. While enjoying our eggs, Mary confessed that it was her favorite as well and only orders them when she goes out for breakfast or brunch. I assumed that she was like me, not a breakfast person but what a shock when she explained to me that she had never been able to successfully make them at home!

Soft Boiled Eggs are very “technical” but not difficult! 15 seconds can make a big difference on the end result. Not enough cooking time and your eggs will be way too runny. Too much and you’ll end up with harder yolks making it impossible to dip your piece of toast in. With the Holidays around, this is a great and elegant recipe to make when you have guests staying over. With the right technique, you can enjoy this classy breakfast anytime at home…
Happy Holidays!


For ingredient amounts and more info, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/soft-boiled-eggs/

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