Thursday, 28 December 2017

Golden Sunset

Holiday season or not, when you are hosting a dinner party, you want to make sure your guests have a fantastic time! From start to finish, you planned which appetizer to serve followed with your main course as well as your dessert. You probably chose your wine carefully so it pairs well with the menu. Now you think everything is faultless but there’s one thing that we often tend to forget and it is a nice digestif. This is a beautiful finishing touch to any meal. In my book, it is what defines a “successful” dinner! This is a lovely way to end a perfect evening with our loved ones. Of course let’s not forget that none of your guest should be driving after consuming alcohol…

When David and I started living together, we both enjoyed making many kinds of cocktails… from aperitif, casual drinks to digestif. As a former mixologist, it was fun experimenting with him. Just like cooking, we were also creating a few of our own. One evening though, David really surprised me… He came up with this beautiful after dinner drink that I’m about to share with you… the Golden Sunset!

The combination of these liquors is so harmonious! Not overly sweet, this elegant digestif is perfect to serve after dessert. It can also be enjoyed when serving a cheese tray after the main course instead of an Iced Wine. This digestif is what makes the difference between a good dinner and a great one!

P.S. Please drink responsibly… thank you!


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