Thursday, 29 June 2017

Homemade Lemonade

The best lemonade I ever had was when I was in Mexico City but first let me start from the beginning.

Back in the late 90s’ during the fall season I was working on a gig, trying to make a deal with Hudsons Bay and a Mexican company located just outside of Mexico City who were making chocolates filled with liqueur. Before I went there, I looked for a place to stay for ladies only – no it wasn’t a YWCA. I had heard about it and also I was informed that the price of a room was pretty cheap. So the first time I went there for my business venture, I booked my room for 10 days, flew from Toronto to Mexico and there I was.

When I checked in, I was happily surprised to meet a few Canadian ladies from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). They were working in the area and tried to learn Spanish as well. Obviously being an expatriate, we kind of stuck together. When my time was up, I flew back home and by the time I arrived, Hudson Bay buyers were quite interested in that chocolate-liqueur company. I booked the same hostel for ladies and went back but this time I was there for almost a month.

It was a very enriching experience to be there that long. I learned so much about the Mexican culture (still not enough), went to many places where the locals hangout, discovered other food items and learned more Spanish.

One afternoon, one of the ladies from Toronto and I went to a local restaurant for lunch. She was off that day and I didn’t have any meetings set up. The food was incredible but what I remember the most was their lemonade. OMG! It was the best lemonade EVER! They served it in one of those thick plastic tall glasses with a straw. It was so amazingly delicious that I finished it pretty fast and quickly ordered another one. I had to restrain myself from not ordering one more.

Later that day when the other ladies got back to the hostel, I couldn’t stop talking about how incredibly tasty the lemonade was so much that a few of them decided to go the next day to have it. Well they changed their mind quite fast when a few hours later I started getting pretty, pretty sick. I caught a bug that is commonly known as “tourista”. I won’t go into too much detail but let’s put it this way, the Mexican woman who was in charge of the hostel had to call a doctor for me to get intravenous because I was getting so dehydrated… no kidding, it was that bad!

The next day, I realized what caused it – I drank a local lemonade made with local water plus I had ice cubes made with local water… the WATER was what caused my illness! Although I felt quite weak for a few days, I kept thinking how good the lemonade was. I was leaving in a couple of days but if I hadn’t gotten sick, I would’ve probably gone back for more lemonade.

The next summer I made homemade lemonade and although, it’s still not quite there, my lemonade is pretty close to the one I had in Mexico City. I wonder if the difference in taste is caused by the water. The good thing is you’ll be able to enjoy as many glasses as you want. After making this extremely easy recipe, you’ll never buy any from the store… it’s that good!

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