Thursday, 11 January 2018

Indian Masala Chai

As friends we should always be supportive and encourage each others dreams although we might not always agree about the choices… I call that respect!


One of my friends Joanne from Milton, Ontario decided years ago to start a tea shop. The concept was amazing! She wasn’t only selling loose tea but also anything related to it; tea pots, tea cups, tea containers, tea bags, etc. Where the cash register was, she had a wide selection of chocolate… yummy!

As a friend, I bought whatever I could because I wanted to support and encourage her in her business venture. I bought so many different varieties of loose teas; from oolong to rooibos and everything in between. One day, she made me try a popular tea from India and Pakistan. Oh boy! It was incredibly amazing and I became an addict! The one I’m talking about here is Masala Chai! This aromatic tea is fabulously flavorful! Brewed with black tea and spices, this is a beverage that is seriously awesome! Just a quick info – masala means “mixture of spices” and chai means “tea”

When I moved to British Columbia, I went to a couple of tea shops in Vancouver and bought some but unfortunately they were not as strong and spicy as Joanne’s. One day I decided to make my own. Just by the taste of it, I kind of knew which spices were in it and since then I’ve being enjoying my homemade masala tea whenever I feel like having some!

When it comes to the ingredient amounts, I give “the smoother” version of it. I personally prefer much stronger flavor therefore using more peppercorns. Like any recipe you come across, the amounts are just a guideline so from there, you can always adjust them to your liking.

 Depending on how I feel, I either make it with half water and half milk or go for a richer flavor using strictly milk. It is such a tasty chai to enjoy by the fireplace with a book and your favorite music playing in the background. Take your spice grinder out and don’t delay to savor this delicious chai!


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