Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Winter Citrus Salad

Oh my! A New Year… a new chapter! I’m so excited to see what this year brings. Last year was awesome… I met a lot of great people that became friends! David and I moved to a bigger place with a bigger kitchen… yeah! Although there was a lot of work involved, the rewards were greatly appreciated. Club Foody has grown rapidly and as you’re reading this, there are many recipes that rank in the top 20 on the Google search page! Overall 2017 was a good year and David and I are looking forward to 2018…

There was a lot of cooking involved last year and I really tried to keep it simple. This year won’t be any different and I’m very glad that you, my lovely subscribers, keep enjoying them. As you know me better throughout my recipes, I love to diversify my culinary repertoire… from healthy to sweet to meat and vegetarian. I don’t channel my cooking into a specific category because I would get bored (that’s the way I am) plus I’m too curious… I love experimenting and creating with a wide variety of ingredients, herbs and spices. It’s interesting when someone asks me what I prefer cooking because my answer is… EVERYTHING!

The first recipe of the year that I’m sharing with you is my Winter Salad! This delicious recipe is packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants… all the good stuff to boost your immune system especially during the colder winter months. The ingredients you’ll find in this recipe are very “wintery”. Each season brings us its own gems so what better way to take advantage of it than by using fresh ingredients! One of them that I’m using is homemade Pomegranate Molasses which is a great recipe to have on hand!

As the year begins, we might have a couple of resolutions to start off on the right foot! The most popular one is losing weight. Having a salad as a meal can definitely help shed some extra pounds added over the Holidays. On one hand, there’s the health benefits and on the other a light meal to slim down. What else is there to add besides going ahead and giving it a try…
Bon Appétit!


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