Sunday, 12 March 2017

Blood Orange Ice Cream


I love going to the farmers’ markets and walking thru the aisles glancing at the fresh produce showcased in the displays but it’s not the same during winter. The selection is obviously more limited during the cold months but there are few fruits and vegetable that come specifically just during winter time and disappear before summer arrives.

One of them is Blood Oranges! They are amazing and bloody good! Lol From its counterpart, this fruit doesn’t have the same flavor, its texture is slightly different and definitely the color is what sets it apart from the others. There are a few different varieties of these sanguine oranges.

Moro is probably the deepest flesh color with the strongest flavor of citrus and raspberry, making this kind slightly more bitter than others. You can also find the world’s most popular one… Tarocco. Originated from Italy, this kind of blood orange is the sweetest and juiciest one of its kind. Although red in flesh, the color is not as pronounced as other varieties.

There’s another one that comes later during the season and it’s called Sanguinelli. It originated from Spain and its properties are pretty similar to Moro. From February to May, you can enjoy this variety before they all disappear until December. There are probably more varieties but these are the only ones I know of.

What gives them their dark maroon coloration is the temperature dropping during the fall and even after harvest, they will continue getting darker in color. I have a motto when it comes to food – I will choose red grapes over green and the same with cabbage because the darker the produce, the more antioxidants they have! The same applies to blood oranges versus navel and others. They are great to cook with and the color makes your dish look fun! Next time you go to your local grocery store, buy some… you might be bloody surpised!
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