Thursday, 30 March 2017


In a couple of weeks I’ll be sharing my Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs for Easter dinner. Now if you’re like me, I love my roast beef medium-rare and next to it, the other goodies! Besides mashed potatoes, au jus, horseradish and fresh steamed veggies, I am a big sucker for Popovers. They are similar to the famous British Yorkshire Pudding except they’re no beef drippings in the popovers. Why choose these guys over Yorkshire puddings? Because they are more versatile… let me explain.

If I’m 100% certain that all the Yorkshire puddings will be paired strictly with my roast then I will make it with the beef drippings “buuut” if I want to use some of them along with other food, I make popovers instead. They are more flexible because I can enjoy them for breakfast as well and spread jam on them. Honestly I cannot see myself spreading jam over Yorkshire pudding first thing in the morning… something about the drippings don’t fit my taste buds!

I really like them! They’re light, fluffy and hollow. They’re also good looking… yes they are! It is a nice touch to add when serving roast beef or any other meat dish. If you have leftovers, you can always enjoy them for breakfast, spreading pâté over or making some sort of a sandwich… why not!
Bon Appétit!


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