Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Matcha Cheesecake

St. Patrick’s Day is not just a party or drinking occasion… although it fits very well in the program! This is a Christian religious celebration in honor of the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland falling each year on March 17th. It is a public holiday for, obviously Ireland and surprisingly Canada. If you are living in Newfoundland and Labrador, this is a holiday for you guys! Now for the rest of the country, we still make it as a holiday but we have to go to work… oh well!

Alright, enough about the info and let’s get to what we like to do… enjoy the celebration! As many cities around the world make this event special, there are always some who will go far and beyond. Here’s my personal list (it’s okay if you don’t agree with my choices… just have a green beer) and the reason why I picked them…

Let’s first mention the city where it all started… Dublin. Its festival lasts 4 days with street performances, pub events, live music and on that special St Patrick’s Day its amazing parade! Now these Irish know how to throw a party… c’mon 4 days… I love these guys… lol! This is sooo on my bucket list!

Another very interesting city in my opinion is not far behind Dublin is Chicago. The party always starts on a Saturday (more convenient than during the week so the majority of partiers won’t call in sick the next day) and the city dyes the Chicago River a bright emerald green color. Don’t panic! Breathe in & breathe out… this dye is EPA-approved – I know what a relief… lol! Another city where there’s some green water going on is in Savannah, Georgia which apparently is the second largest parade in the world. The route takes 3 hours and goes thru the Historic District where the fountains spew the formal color of the celebration!

Boston is another one in my book for a St Patrick’s Day party escape as the state of Massachusetts has the highest Irish population. If you are fine with bagpipes, the sound is what makes everything start. Although this musical instrument is very cultural, some of you may not enjoy it that much. There are a few famous quotes that reveal either side of the coin. You either like it or hate it… there’s no other option.

Now if you want to be in the biggest (I think) Irish pub in the world, go to London to The Porterhouse in Covent Garden. Of course get there super early because even with its 12 levels and extended space, this pub will fill up pretty fast as it is located right around the corner of Trafalgar Square where the party is.

Now here at clubfoody, we do things right as well on St Patrick’s Day. I turn a cheesecake green! “Whoop-dee-doo” you say! At least I get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit in my way! My Matcha Cheesecake is actually quite fun and different… never saw or ate a green cheesecake until I decided to create this recipe. If you are totally into this event and are hosting a dinner party then this is the perfect dessert to make!
Bon Appétit!




For ingredient amounts and much more, visit http://clubfoody.com/recipe/matcha-cheesecake/

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